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the world's first
FREE candle

Free-wick, where ambiance meets innovation! We believe in lighting up your world, quite literally, by providing everyone access our high-quality candles absolutely free of charge. 25 cents for every candle handed out goes to local charities and organizations. 


How do we do it? Simple – our candles come adorned with beautifully designed labels that showcase your advertisements. These ads cover the cost, allowing us to share the warm glow of Free-wick with your target audience.


A Mini Billiard On Your Coffee Table


Free-wick is a blank canvas that stands in stark contrast to conventional advertising. Beyond its delightful fragrance, candles serve as decorative home accents, finding a permanent spot on coffee tables or countertops, guaranteeing daily visibility for your ad.


Free-wick is a game-changer in advertising, creating genuine curiosity about the personalities behind the labels. It's not just a candle; it's a story waiting to be discovered.

Distribution Area

Free-wick puts your brand in the hands and homes of your target market. You control where we distribute your candle ad.

We distribute to:

  • Fairs, festivals, and shows

  • Apartments

  • Museums

  • Businesses

  • Online

  • Restaurants

  • and more

Couple at the Cheese Stand

Access To Scent Marketing

You can't possibly smell an ad... or can you?!?!

Free-wick has access for over 150+ fragrances that allow you to give your ad a scentsationally new dimension.

Advertise your bakery with a crafted apple pie fragrance or perhaps you want to advertise your leather crafting business with the clean smell of leather. The opportunities are quite literally endless.

Smelling Handmade Soap

Small Business Accessible

We ARE a small business FOR small business.

Print advertising can be very expensive with limited reach and ZERO control over distribution. Not to mention the crazy amount of clutter that detracts from anyone viewing your ad. 


Free-wick candles make advertising available to small businesses. We make ad space available for a fraction of your rent cost.

Not to mention Free-Wick gives you:

  • 6 maximum advertisers per candle = guaranteed exposure

  • Candles placed in high visibility areas

  • Control over where your candle ad is distributed

  • Unlocks scent impressions which standard print can NOT do

  • Innovative concept that sparks curiosity, not garbage

Coffee Shop Owner
Coffee Shop

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